Live California Blackworms 1lb

Live California Blackworms 1lb

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Live California Blackworms (1 lb) - Pre-Order

Product Description: Enhance the health and vitality of your aquatic pets with our premium Live California Blackworms. These high-protein, nutrient-rich blackworms are a favorite among fish enthusiasts for their ability to stimulate natural feeding behaviors and promote vibrant colors in fish. Perfect for a variety of freshwater and saltwater species, our blackworms are sustainably farmed and meticulously cleaned to ensure the highest quality for your aquatic friends.


  • Premium Quality: Sustainably farmed and thoroughly cleaned to provide the best nutrition for your fish.
  • High Nutrient Content: Rich in protein and essential nutrients to promote growth, energy, and vibrant coloration.
  • Versatile Feeding: Ideal for a wide range of freshwater and saltwater species, including fish, amphibians, and invertebrates.
  • Stimulates Natural Feeding: Encourages natural hunting and foraging behaviors, contributing to the overall well-being of your pets.

Pre-Order Information: Please note that this is a pre-order item. Our Live California Blackworms are harvested fresh to order, ensuring the highest quality and vitality upon arrival. Processing time for pre-orders is approximately 3-5 days. Once your order is processed, we will ship it promptly to ensure the live arrival and health of the blackworms.

Shipping Details:

  • Processing Time: 3-5 days from the date of order.
  • Packaging: Shipped in secure, insulated packaging to maintain optimal conditions during transit.
  • Live Arrival Guarantee: We guarantee live arrival of your blackworms. In the rare event of any issues, please contact us immediately upon receipt.

Order Now: Place your pre-order today to ensure your aquatic pets receive the best nutrition available. Our Live California Blackworms are in high demand, so don't miss out on providing your fish with this exceptional food source.

Contact Us: For any questions or additional information, feel free to reach out to our customer service team. We're here to assist you with all your aquatic needs.

Transform your aquarium with the natural, nutritious choice of Live California Blackworms – order now and watch your aquatic pets thrive!


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    Great Price/Great Product/Great Service!

    Posted by Spinster Sister on 6th Jun 2024

    After almost gagging at the price of live black worms on both Ebay and various google searches, I was pleasantly surprised at the very affordable price of the live black worms at PetZoneSD. I have learned that with such low prices to expect even lower quality products or customer service but PetZoneSD again, surprised me. I originally ordered 1 pound of live worms and opted for the lesser priced priority mail shipping, crossing my fingers that they would survive the trip to my house. I received email asking me to verify if I really wanted to chance using the lesser priced shipping as opposed to UPS overnight. I was in a good mood and decided to not only upgrade the shipping but also double my order of black worms. The customer service rep called me and texted me that he is ready when I am ready to authorize the added charge. I called them and verified the increase in ship price and added worms. The very next day I received the black worms and in wonderful condition they were in! I did not detect any dead worms, nor was there any funky smell or congealed mess. Double bagged with cold packs inside with the worms, they are lively and surprising clean! Obviously pre-purged, there were no bits of bedding or gravel inbedded with them and I could honestly, not be more pleased! If you are on the fence over ordering live black worms or even shocked over the incredible prices that are being asked for the product but also for the overnight shipping - please try PetZoneSD! I do not work for them, nor did I receive the worms at discount or free for this review. This is my honest experience and opinion of this store and it's product. In fact, I have so many worms, I am shared them with my LFS that gave me some of their worms for my baby axolotls free of charge! I hope to learn how to culture them at home and have dosed all my tanks (32 of them) with the worms to more closely replicate a more realistic living environments for my fish. Maybe they could put up a post about how to process the worms for future use - almost like a recipe booklet for fish keepers! Pet Zone SD has earned me as a repeat customer!