Meet The Team!

Meet The Team Behind Pet Zone Tropical Fish

Dedicated to true fish keeping & aquascaping.



Roger Ma

Co-Founder & "Top Fish"

Roger is the co-founder and owner of Pet Zone Tropical Fish. With over a decade of experience working internationally in import/export and eCommerce, he has an eye for current trends and sparks new interest among fellow fish hobbyist.

When he isn't busy managing day-to-day operations of the store, you can catch him traveling in a new city, enjoying crafted coffee at a nearby cafe or finding the next foodie hotspot in town!



Alan Ly

"Betta Boss"

Alan is the go-to-man when it comes to Bettas, Tetra and other community tropical fish.

When he's not working on a fish tank, you can find him getting his fitness on at the gym, taking photographs of America's Finest City or grubbing at one of his favorite food joints!



Noah Nafarette

Noah is the youngest member of our team. He is a great aquascaper and has an eye for planted tank design. He run a fish club at his high school and inspires his fellow members and classmates to aquascape as well.

When fish duties are all done for the day, you can catch Noah doing cross-country or hanging out with his awesome family.



Powell Hean

Powell is our monster fish connoisseur and lives for fish keeping! 

When fish-keepings duties don't take up his time, you can find him fishing somewhere in San Diego or biking around town.  



Max Gandara

Max is our Flowerhorn and Hybrid Cichlid specialist and has extensive knowledge in breeding Flowerhorn strains.

When he has free time, you can find him playing his guitar and taking his family out for adventures around town.  



Sean Hui

Sean is a very passionate aquarist and has done everything from cichlids to pufferfish and even dabbled in a lot of aquascaping.    

During his free time, you can find Sean spending time traveling!





Deserie Ancheta

Deserie love keeping puffers and has a niche for breeding fish such as Rams.    

During her free time, you can find Deserie hanging out with her two energetic pups!



King Huynh

King is an oddball and monster fish expert and loves bichirs to be more precise!

When he's not taking care of his oddball fish, you can find King traveling with his family.



Crystal Chan
*bio coming soon!


Pascal Reyes
*Pic & bio coming soon!