Fixed Prices

Fixed Price Policy At Pet Zone Tropical Fish

We are grateful for your business and support.  We as a team here at Pet Zone Tropical Fish have came a long way and have nothing but gratitude for your love and support throughout these years.

For those who are first time visitors, thank you for choosing us as your place to shop for your aquatic needs.

With a highly competitive market and the high costs of keeping our doors open, our pricing is fixed.  We understand that there is an abundance of other places you can shop at and at lower prices.  

We kindly refuse to price match to any of the competitors' prices, both online and locally.  

You've came to us because you find value in our aquatic livestock selection and the knowledge we bring to you.  Bargaining and trying to haggle on price is something we don't allow inside our shop nor when you shop with us online.  Doing so tells us you don't respect nor see value in our service and livestock/products.  

In order for us to continue bringing you the service you've been accustomed to and the highly coveted livestock and products from all around the globe, our prices are fixed and are necessary in order to keep the doors open here at Pet Zone Tropical Fish.

We thank you for your understanding and appreciate your business!

- Pet Zone Tropical Fish Team