Looking To Give Up Your Pet Fish?



Looking to give up your pet fish?


  • Check your local aquarium stores (we accept donations!)
  • Look for online Buy/Trade groups on social media to rehome your fish
  • Consider gifting your fish to a responsible friend/family member


  • Release your fish into public ponds, rivers, or other waterways
  • Flush your fish down the toilet


If you're thinking of saying goodbye to your beloved fish, don't just flush it down the toilet or release it into the wild. There are several more humane and eco-friendly options available. One great idea is to visit your local aquarium store and inquire about donating your fish.

Many stores accept donations and will provide a loving and suitable home for your fish. Additionally, you can explore online communities, such as social media buy/trade groups, where you can connect with other fish enthusiasts who may be interested in adopting your pet.

Another option is to gift your fish to a responsible friend or family member who will give it the love and care it deserves. Remember, releasing fish into the wild can cause harm to the existing ecosystem and flushing them down the toilet can clog pipes and damage septic systems.

Be a responsible pet owner and explore all your options before making a decision.