Stop & Scape

'Stop & Scape' - Drop In & Aquascape





Aquascaping can be intimidating when you're on your own with no guidance.  Do not fear, we have everything you need and will provide you with a 'canvas' to follow so you can get your aquascape going in no time!  

The most important part of the aquascape is the 'dry scape' design prior to planting and adding flooding the tank with water.
This will set the tone for the overall aesthetics of your aquascape.  

We offer starter packages of so you can build your dry scape on the spot when you just drop on in and build it with all the materials curated for your on-the-spot aquascape build.  

This is a good stepping stone in getting your hands wet into the realm of building an aquascape without breaking the bank.  Prices start off at just $34.99 for a curated 'dry scape' designed aquascape that you can take home and start adding plants of your choice prior to flooding it with water.  

*No studio fees or reservations required, just drop on by to "stop & scape!"

How It Works: 

Choose Your Tank:
The most popular choices are 0.9 gallons (3.5 liters) & 1.5 gallons (5.6 liters) due to their small footprint and easy to manage size.

Choose Your Substrate:
- Black Aquasoil Substrate
- Brown Aquasoil Substrate
- Sand

Choose Your Hardscape:
- El Jefe Stone
- Seiryu Stone
- Dragon Stone
- Manzanita Wood

Bring Your Creativity and Get Crafty With Your Aquascape

No aquascaping experience is needed and we welcome all ages.  This is a great date idea or something you can enjoy with the entire family.  
You can do it alone or with your loved ones.  Our team is more than happy to assist you with any ideas and can guide you with tips and pointers.