Live Fish Shipments To Hawaii & Canada


Order Live Fish & Importing To Hawaii and Canada

Yes, we can ship to both Hawaii and Canada.  This is an often asked question.

We do require proper paperwork to be completed and sent over to us either in the form of a scanned PDF file or just a very clear photo taken with your phone or digital camera.  Send over all required paperwork once completed and/or approved from the Hawaiian or Canadian agencies to  


For those residing in Hawaii, you can apply and find all the info regarding allowable fish to be sent from the mainland US to Hawaii here

Note, please have your paperwork and permit completed prior to placing your order with us to prevent delays in shipment.


For those residing in Canada, there are some exceptions on whether you need a permit or just proof of ownership.

While filling out the forms in the links shown below, use the following info when filling out your forms:

Exporter/Section C:

Pet Zone Tropical Fish
4160 Convoy St.
San Diego, CA 92111

Origin of Pet Aquatic Animal/Section D:

Origin: USA
Born In: Contact us prior as some species are wild-caught while some are captive bred.

If you're ordering the following species (updated as of Feb. 2020), you're exempt from obtaining a permit and simply need to fill out the "Importer's Declaration of Ownership Pet Aquatic Animals Form" found here:

  • barbonymus gonionotus
  • carassius auratus
  • colisa lalia
  • danio rerio
  • glossogobius giuris
  • osphronemus goramy
  • oxyeleotris marmorata
  • poecilia reticulata
  • puntius sophore
  • symphysodon discus
  • toxotes chatareus
  • trichogaster pectoralis
  • trichogaster trichopterus

If the fish you desire to order from us isn't on the above exempt list, you will need to apply for a permit here:

Once completed, send over either a scanned copy or a clear photo to