Female Endler's Livebearer / Guppy

Female Endler's Livebearer / Guppy

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FEMALE Endler's Livebearer/Guppy - Poecilia sp.

These beautiful livebearers are some of the most colorful in the hobby.   Great in aquariums with live plants.   Endlers Guppy: these colorful Guppies come in a variety of vibrant colors giving each individual a unique touch. Rediscovered by John Endler in 1975 they are one of the rarer varieties of guppy. Though generally peaceful the Endler Guppy has been known to become territorial around other species of guppy and may nip fins or chase continuously, tank mates should be chosen with care. As a live bearing fish the Endler guppy can have a clutch of babies every 23 days approximately.