Disco Vampire Crab

Disco Vampire Crab

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Disco Vampire Crab -  Geosesarma sp. Tiomanicum

The Disco Vampire Crab is a striking semi-terrestrial invert.  

They are fairly new to the hobby and do well with shrimp and larger snails though it's recommended to give them 50% land in their tank to mimic their natural habitat.

A 50/50 setup of land and water would be preferable with some area with sand so they can burrow.  

These crabs love to eat a good mix of meats and vegetation along with just about anything else that is aquatic food (variety is key to good health).  

Fully grown, they reach about 1" on average.  


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    vampire crab

    Posted by Matt Marshall on 4th Mar 2021

    small crabs but they are. Great company

  • 3
    Disco crab

    Posted by Kevin Alberico on 12th Aug 2020

    The crab was awesome but I don’t think it was a disco ... looks more like a sandfire or orange tiomancium. Not at all like the one I previously received that died within a few hours

  • 4
    Wrong species?

    Posted by Henrik on 16th Jul 2020

    The 6 crabs arrived very quickly via overnight shipping (ordered Sunday, unpacked by 11am on Tuesday), all alive upon arrival. Two died within a few hours, and one lost a few legs within the first two days, presumably stress induced, which unfortunately is to be expected when shipping live animals. The other fish and shrimp in my order handled the transport very well, and the remaining crabs appear to be healthy. My main complaint is that all but one crab have a bright yellow back, making them look exactly like the purple vampire crabs which are also for sale here. The images on this website are not very clear, but the videos on the petzonesd facebook page are, which makes me quite certain that there was a mixup of the species.

  • 4
    Disco Vampire Crabs

    Posted by Andrea Bennett on 15th Jul 2020

    The shipping information was great. The store sent regular updates and I was able to be at the door when the shipment arrived. 4 of my 5 crabs ordered are alive and appear healthy. 1 did not survive the long trip from CA to TN. I sent my picture in for review to customer service and am awaiting a response (COVID delays). I am happy with the 4 living ones. Hopefully, we will get the DOA sorted soon and look forward to ordering more of these cool little beasties.

  • 5
    Disco Crab

    Posted by Tammy D. Spokane WA on 6th Sep 2019

    Great little crab. Packaged very well. Good Communication. My new go to place for crabs.

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