Banana Crab

Banana Crab

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Geosesarma sp. Crab (Banana Crab)

Enter the world of fascinating crab care with our beautiful Banana Crab, scientifically known as Geosesarma. These charismatic creatures are among the most exciting species in the pet world and they're ready to bring a new level of engagement and delight to your home!

Key Features:

  • Stunning Appearance: Banana Crabs are a captivating sight with their bright yellow bodies, making them look like a ripe banana. Their vibrant color and unusual form make for an eye-catching addition to your pet collection.

  • Unique Behavior: Watch as your Banana Crab engages in fascinating, natural behaviors, from climbing on rocks and plants to burrowing in the substrate.

  • Ideal for Terrariums: Banana Crabs are a perfect fit for terrarium setups, where they can enjoy a variety of environments that mimic their natural habitats.

Product Details:

  • Species: Geosesarma (Banana Crab)
  • Size: Typically reaches 1-2 inches in length
  • Care Level: Moderate – needs a carefully maintained environment but does not require specialized care like some other exotic pets. Ideal for intermediate hobbyists.

Care and Maintenance:

Geosesarma or Banana Crabs require a well-planned terrarium environment that includes both dry land and water elements. They thrive best in high humidity conditions, with a diet mainly consisting of leaf litter, fruits, and occasional protein in the form of insects.

Important Note: Always ensure you fully understand the care requirements of any pet before bringing them home. The welfare and happiness of your new Banana Crab depend on it!

Explore the exciting world of crab-keeping with our exotic Banana Crab. Their playful demeanor and vibrant color will not only brighten up your home but also offer endless hours of interactive enjoyment.

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