Basic Nano CO2 Regulator

Basic Nano CO2 Regulator

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The Basic Nano CO2 Regulator is a simple and sturdy, compact choice for regulating CO2 injection in a planted tank. With a simple build, this piece of aquarium equipment features a single gauge pressure indicator that is compatible with various CO2 cylinders and can withstand up to 1500 psi (lb/sq inch).

The basic nano CO2 Regulator is designed to provide simple installation and usage for beginner hobbyists who are looking to implement CO2 injection for the first time. This basic nano CO2 regulator does not require tools for installation and can easily be hand tightened to a standard CGA-320 cylinder of choice. 

Three main things are crucial for aquatic plant growth. CO2 is one of them! If any of the factors are unbalanced, unsightly algae have the chance to grow and overtake a planted aquarium. Using CO2 in a planted tank gives aquarium plants the boost they need to thrive and grow efficiently. With added strength, they are also able to out-compete algae for sources of nutrients in the aquarium. The use of CO2 in a planted tank leads to full and bushy growth that all aquarium hobbyists are striving for.


  • Prior to installation, double-check all necessary valves are completely closed before attempting to connect the regulator to a CO2 regulator.

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