Asian Tiger Lobster (Zebra Lobster) - Cherax misolicus

Asian Tiger Lobster (Zebra Lobster) - Cherax misolicus

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Asian Tiger Lobster (Zebra Lobster) - Cherax misolicus

Very gorgeous and full of awesome colors!  They are about 4 inches roughly.  

Also known as Zebra Crayfish.  Great for the aquatic invertabrate enthusiast!

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    Beautiful Crayfish

    Posted by Travis Price on 14th Jul 2016

    I just received the crayfish today, and they have awsome coloring, and they are very healthy. Need I say more! Highly recommended.

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    Love it!

    Posted by Carlos Reyes on 13th Feb 2015

    I was very impressed how well packaged it was for the cold temperatures in Oklahoma. Even thought it was a day late (by mistake of USPS) the temperature of the water was about 76 degrees. So very impressed with winter shipping.

    The crayfish looks very healthy, active and just like the pictures with beautiful colors! It was bigger than I expected but that's fine with me. She seems to be doing just fine with my bottom dwellers. Doesn't raise her claws or go after them, really just stays away from them. I have a 210 gallon with 5 plecos, 2 knife fish, 3 loaches, and 2 cat fish as bottom dwellers and no issues yet (knock on wood).

    Very happy with Pet Zone and will be buying more from them.

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    the best crayfish i have ever bought

    Posted by linda graham on 8th Jul 2014

    Hi,I,m Linda.I have ordered 3 times from PET ZONE,there crays are beautiful,you always get a full good looking cray,i have bought 3 of there varitys,and they always come in alive,healthy and shipped well.If you love crays the way I do buy from here,you can,t go wrong.P.S. Awesome owners to work with