Wild Discus -Medium

Wild Discus -Medium

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Wild Discus Wild-caught Discus from the Amazon River (Brazil).  They are one of the most sought after Discus by the dedicated enthusiasts.     Size: About 4 inches or so.   Wild Yellow Discus: Discus have become one of the most sought after Tropical Fish in the hobby today! With many beautiful varieties now available, still none is as coveted as the Wild Discus. Straight from the Amazon the wild discus is a stunning display of what nature truly has to offer. From warmer acidic blackwater areas of the Amazon Basin, Wild Discus are a bit more sensitive to water conditions. It is very important to have similar water to the Amazon Basin so a low PH around 4.5 and tannins ( driftwood, cattappa leaves) are absolutely crucial to keeping these guys. A group of wild Discus is unrivaled!

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