Brine Shrimp Hatchery Kit - San Francisco Bay Brand

Brine Shrimp Hatchery Kit - San Francisco Bay Brand

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Grow Your Own Brine Shrimp For Baby Fish & Reef Tanks Hatch your own fish food or use as an educational tool.

Includes base and 3 packets of Hatch Mix™. Add soda bottle, air pump and water. Not intended to raise shrimp to adult size.

Product Features Easy to setup, clean & maintain Can be used again and again

Inexpensive Proven to trigger a feeding response in fish fry

Ingredients Hatchery Base, 3 Hatch Mix™ packets (sodium chloride, magnesium sulfate, brine shrimp eggs), 3 Ft. air line.

Contains An inexpensive and easy to maintain system to hatch your own baby brine shrimp over and over again.

The jerky swimming motions of freshly hatched baby brine shrimp are known to trigger the feeding instinct of fish fry. Freshly hatched baby brine shrimp still contain their yolk sac and as such form a food rich in marine derived fatty acids.