Aquatop UV Sterilizing Pump with UVP9 and 9W UV

Aquatop UV Sterilizing Pump with UVP9 and 9W UV

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Suitable for aquariums up to 25-gallons, the aquatop pf25-uv power filter includes u.v. Sterilization, a self-adjusting surface skimmer and replaceable filtration media. The pf25-uv is capable of filtering up to 90-gallons per hour and includes an adjustable flow rate. This convenient hang on back style filter has a built-in, self-adjusting surface skimmer for cleaning the surface of the water and to promote gas exchange. The featured uv sterilizer of the pf25-uv requires no extra plumbing, allowing for a quick and easy installation. The uv sterilizer of the pf25-uv helps eliminate unwanted algae blooms, keeping aquarium water crystal clear and aids in the health of your aquatic creatures by eradicating free-floating parasites. The pf-uv series comes equipped for mechanical and chemical filtration. With a replaceable filter pad enhanced with aquatop's bamboo carbon, uv sterilization and a self-adjusting surface skimmer, the pf25-uv is a unique filter for all your aquarium needs.


The AQUATOP UVP-9 submersible UV sterilizing pump is a new and innovative method for eradicating and controlling free-floating micro-organisms as well as disease causing pathogens. Unlike typical UV sterilizing systems, the UVP-9 requires no special plumbing and is easy to use and maintain. Simply place the UVP-9 directly into your tank or sump system up to the waterline. The built in pump will draw water in, running it past the 9 watt UV bulb. The UV light will sterilize and clarify, producing crystal clear water.

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