ALife Flowerhorn Food - 900g

ALife Flowerhorn Food - 900g

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ALife Flowerhorn Food is one of the best selling flowerhorn cichlid foods here at our store! This is the food that will make your flowerhorn enhance its color, kok size, pearls and overall beauty!! This is a bang for your buck at only $32.99 for 900 grams!!


Ingredients: Fish Protein, White Fish Meal, Wheat Flour, Soybean Meal, Soybean Protein, Shrimp Paste, Antarctic Shrimp, Protease, Organic Minerals, 16 Vitamins and Natural Colors. -Super Immune Substance Added -Best Color Enhancing Food 
Crude protein: 43% ( Min. ) Crude Fat: 4 % ( Min. ) Moisture 9% ( Max.) 
Crude Fiber: 4% ( Max. ) Crude Ash 15 % ( Max. ) Ash Insoluble in HCI 2% ( Max.)