Red Clawed Crab

Red Clawed Crab

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Red Clawed Crab - Perisesarma bidens

Red Clawed Crabs are getting popular in the community tanks! Though they are known to get territorial and chase away fish, most people have successfully kept them in a community tank setting with no problems with either fish or crab though caution needs to be taken with size of the fish.  They do require an area where there is some land for them to "air off" and cannot be fully submerged in water.  


**Note that crabs and other inverts may be shipped with USPS Priority though there is no live arrival guaranteed with this method**

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    Red claw

    Posted by J on 5th Jun 2020

    Ordered 15, and all arrived safely, quickly, and are doing great in their tank. Process was seamless and had great communication. The little guys are definitely a good addition

  • 5
    Beautiful crabs

    Posted by Allynn Goucher on 8th Jan 2020

    All 6 arrived healthy and happy and great size. All are happily enjoying the tank I have set up

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    love the red clawed crabs

    Posted by heather u on 21st Feb 2015

    I got 2 red clawed crabs just like I asked for in the mail. They came fast an alive an in perfect condition. They were the healthiest cutest red clawed crabs I ever have ever gotten. I got one boy red clawed crab am one girl red clawed crab just like I requested. I couldn't be more happy about the service I have gotten from pet zone an the red clawed crabs they gave me. Thanks so much pet zone. They were really happy crabs that now live happy with 2 other red clawed crabs that are one girl an one boy red clawed crabs. I suggest after owning a few of these red clawed crabs that they prefer for long life an less stress to live with 2 males an all females or one male an all femeals no more then 2 red clawed crabs per a 10 gallon tank. The red clawed crabs enjoy there space an will fight if they are living with two meny males or to close together. They enjoy lots of hiding space due to there shyness. They also do best for healthy long life an good molting in a tank that has lots of land an some water. Yes they can live under water but they enjoy there land more then water. They also do best In Breakish water that's equal salt water an fresh in order to have better molts , also I always add a little bit of calcium an iadine to there water so when they molt they have no strange looking body parts happen an it makes there shells more healthy looking. If anyone wants a essey to care for pet that is low matnence if u keep up with there tank being clean an a pet that cute an fun to watch an kids enjoy seeing them an seeing them molt the red clawed crab is a good pet for u. They do best by them self's with a couple other red clawed crabs due to them wanting to kill most others tank mates. Also no matter what never put a red clawed crab an a fiddaler crab together for they will fight until death an the red clawed crab will most likely win.also one last peace of info on the red clawed crabs make sure u have no way for them to get out of there tank ,they love to try to get out an will be good at it if there's any way for them to get out. I love owning red clawed crabs an when ever I need more pet zone is the go to place from now on.

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