UNS Atomizer Mist Maker Set

UNS Atomizer Mist Maker Set

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UNS Atomizer Mist Maker Set

The Ultum Nature Systems Atomizer Mist Maker is an ultrasonic mister designed to emulate jungle-like conditions for tropical terrestrials and aquatic plant species grown emergent. Atomizer produces a gentler layer of fog to increase humidity levels and support healthy plant growth. The Ultum Nature Systems Atomizer Splash Guard is an optional accessory that may be used with the Atomizer Mist Maker to reduce splashing and prevent water spills during use. The Atomizer Mist Maker Set is recommended for use with aquariums that have emergent aquatic plant growth or paludarium setups that feature plant species that require higher humidity.

Package Includes

  • Mist Maker
  • Power Plug
  • Diffusion Plate x3
  • Diffusion Plate Changing Key
  • Splash Guard
  • Instruction Booklet


Before usage and installation, thoroughly inspect the unit for any defects, damages or missing parts. If a part is missing or damaged, contact your Ultum Nature Systems dealer immediately.

  1. Position Mist Maker and optional Splash Guard 0.5” minimum. Unit will power off if sensor detects water levels are insufficient for operation.
  2. Connect power cords and power on.
  3. Read included instruction booklet for detailed information and important safety warnings.

Dimensions L x W x H:

  • 2 x 1.5 x 1.5"