Starry Night Eel (Longtail Spiny Eel)

Starry Night Eel (Longtail Spiny Eel)

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African Starry Night Eel (Mastacembelus frenatus)

Also known as the Longtail Spiny Eel.  These eels are fun to watch while they swim around the tank and make a great addition to your fish tanks! 
They are some of the smaller species of the spiny eel family and max out at around 14".  

Their spotted patterns resemble stars in the night, giving them the Starry Night Eel common fish name.  

They have cool movements and add a bit of exotic-ness to any freshwater tank.

They are about 4-5" or so in size at the moment.

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    Posted by Nita hibbs on 17th Jul 2021

    Fiesty but i love him/her.

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