SL-Aqua Wood Grip Shrimp Net

SL-Aqua Wood Grip Shrimp Net

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Designed for removing debris following a trim or transporting small aquatic animals, the shrimp nets from SL Aqua are the perfect tool to keep in the everyday aquarist's toolbox. Constructed from quality materials, the shrimp net from SL Aqua provides a comfortable, rubberwood grip that allows for smooth handling when in use. Available in two sizes, this aquarium net is ideal for shrimp and fish breeders. Alternatively, it's a great tool when performing cleanup after routine planted aquarium maintenance. 

Overview - Wooden Grip:

  • Handle: SL-Customized Wood Grip
  • Length: 360mm - 14" / 410mm - 16"
  • Handle Length: 315mm - 12" / 350mm - 14"
  • Net Diameter: 45mm - 1.7"
  • Net Depth: 50mm - 2"

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