Red Eye Somphong's Puffer

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Red Eye Pufferfish (Somphong's Puffer) - Carinotetraodon lorteti

The Redeye Puffer is one the few full freshwater puffers in the fish keeping hobby.

As with most Pufferfish, the Red Eye Puffer tends to be super aggressive so care needs to taken when selecting tank-mates.  

They do well in a well planted tank as it breaks their line of sight and allows them to be at ease.

Also known as the Somphong's Puffer or Band Puffer.

They grow to an average max size of around 2" - 2.3" or so.

Current size is just around 0.7" - 1.25" or so.  

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    Beautiful fish

    Posted by Cameron Hillis on 29th Apr 2023

    Would love to have these fish back in stock. I’d happily come pick up 6