Pond Tank Aquascape Workshop

Pond Tank Aquascape Workshop

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Join us for a fun and interactive hands-on 'Pond Tank' aquascaping workshop by Pet Zone Tropical Fish team plus guests get to build along with instructor ($39.99 fee; includes shallow glass tank, substrate, hardscape & plant). Get your hands wet and learn directly with us as we show you all the proper steps on how to aquascape a new planted tank. The tank and all the aquascape materials + plants are yours to keep after the workshop!
Pond Tank Aquascapes are gaining popularity as many of these plants can be grown in a mix of emergent and submersed.  Once the tank is fairly grown in and stable, there is minimal maintenance along with the lack of a need for a filter.  This makes it ideal for those who lack the time to dedicate themselves to a much more demanding aquascape tank.  
This will be held on Saturday, August 3rd at our Convoy District/Kearny Mesa location at 4160 Convoy St (located inside Convoy Plaza), just a couple blocks south of Balboa Ave). Starts at 12:30pm until 1:30pm.
See you guys soon, fellow Planted Tank junkies!
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**Note that NO REFUNDS will be given if you cancel less than 1 week prior to event as these are slots taken up that someone else could use**