Panda Loach

Panda Loach

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Panda Loach - Yaoshania pachychilus

A true dwarf loach that grow to a max size of around 2" - 2.4" or so.  

Thee uncommon dwarf sized loaches are native to the south of China.  

They do good in shoals of 5 or more and add much activity to any tank once well accustomed to their new home!

Panda Loaches are also known under the latin scientific name of Protomyzon pachychilus or Yaoshania pachychilus.

Current size is around 1/2" to an inch or so.  

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    Panda loach

    Posted by Floofyboii on 17th Jun 2020

    They are so cute and i think my dad will love them! The price was ok, but they came from a good distance away.. the order took a bit but they came four days after we placed it. The lil buddies are in the quarentine bucket so they dont spread anything if they have anything. Im so pleased with the color. Its a soft brown color with cream white. Thankyou petzone and the fedex person who dropped them off

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