Pa Hai Stone

Pa Hai Stone

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Pa'Hai 'Hakkai' Stone - "Mushi Gui Stone"

This is one premium dark bluish-green river stone that has a smooth surface and irregular holes that look like it's been "bug-eaten," hence the name Mushi Gui, as they call it the "bug eaten stone". The unique "bug-eaten" holes are  caused by the force of nature as strong water currents hit the stone consistently over an extended period of time. This Hakkai Stone comes in a variety of sizes ranging from about 3" to about 12". An inert stone that will not affect your tank' parameters.  

*Stones require rinsing prior to use

This is a fairly RARE stone to hit our shelves for aquascaping.  These hardscape rocks add a very nice touch of natural smoothness and blue-ish dark to your aquascape hardscape build.

Stones are sold in increments of 5 lbs, 10 lbs & 15 lbs.