Goliath African Tiger Fish (Hydrocynus goliath)

Goliath African Tiger Fish (Hydrocynus goliath)

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Goliath African Tigerfish - Hydrocynus goliath

This is the ultimate "monster fish" as it is known for its aggressive predation.  As a much more aggressive fish (grows larger as well) in comparison to its other counterpart (Hydrocynus Vittatus), this is the most famous among the two African Tigerfish. They are also known as Mbenga in Africa.  Coming from the Congo River Basin and also found in Lake Tanganyiki, this large-toothed predator fish can reach a very large size of 4.9 feet and 110 pounds in the wild.

They will eat just about any fish they can fit into their mouth, even fish that you wouldn't expect it to attack.

Size is about 4 inches, currently feeding on live food (feeders and bloodworms).  

Max size: 4.9'

Minimum tank: 650gal