Blue Eye Long-Fin Bristlenose Pleco

Blue Eye Long-Fin Bristlenose Pleco

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Long-Fin Blue Eye Bushy Nose Pleco / Blue Eye Longfin Bristle Nose Pleco

Size is about  1.5"-1.75".  Great addition to your aquarium!

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    Long fin Bristlenose Pleco

    Posted by Jan Cavalieri on 25th Sep 2020

    They may start as 1-2" but they grow to 4-6" - the male is wilder that the female and easily identified by the number of quills on their face (males have many more while most females have none to maybe 2-3. Extremely cool looking fish but the older it gets the more reclusive it gets until you just about have to take everything out of the aquarium to find them (they will lay upside down in a cave). So unfortunely they are boring to observe. Mine want nothing to do with each other either and have never tried to rear babies., Very shy but non-aggressive.

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