Black Forest Spiderwood

Black Forest Spiderwood

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Black Forest Spiderwood

Black Forest Spider Wood Driftwood is the root of the Azalea plant but what makes this Forest Black Spiderwood stand out from the normally seen Spiderwood is the black coloration.  These unique pieces are very versatile and will give any aquascaper the ability to mimic and recreate a riverbank or submerged forest right in their own fish tank.  

With all its roots, it'll be easy to create a bonsai tree or any other natural looking environment.  
Size/length varies depending on the size range:
Small is 4" - 10" or so. 
Medium is 7" - 15" or so.  
This listing is for one spiderwood.  Pictures with multiple spider woods is just an example of how they'll look.  Each piece of wood will vary with shape and size as they are all individually unique.