Bamboo Shrimp

Bamboo Shrimp

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Bamboo Shrimp - Atyopsis moluccensis Also commonly known as the Wood Shrimp. This beautiful shrimp is a filter feeder and does a great job feeding off the surfaces of the tank and eating matter off plants.  They particularly love hanging around the foam cover of the filters, catching and eating the debris that gets caught around that area. Size is about 1.5-2 inches.   Bamboo Shrimp are “detritivores” which means they collect particles in the water for food. With brush like hands they sift through an aquarium collecting food with a fun dance like movement. Very peaceful large invert that gets a rust red color with a cream stripe once comfortable. Great community addition!

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    Bambo shirmp

    Posted by Matt Marshall on 4th Mar 2021

    Outstanding delivered on time and all alive and well . Great addition

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    Beautiful and fragile

    Posted by Joe Lucas on 19th Aug 2020

    these are some of my favorite inverts for a tank! Large and bright red with a racing stripe, these gentle giants get stressed very easily. If you strive for crystal clear water, these big boys will actually starve. They don't take to transit well, and i actually lost one shortly after i dropped them into my quarantine tank. They do best in established tanks at least a year old. Blackwater tanks, or tanks with low filtration are where these guys thrive. If you seem scooping their fans on the substrate, they are hungry! Frozen daphnia in a tank with decent flow will happily feed them.

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    Wood Shrimp Baby!!

    Posted by Kevs on 13th Feb 2020

    Who said shrimp are just for eating? i keep all sorts of inverts and bamboo shrimp aka wood shrimp is the best peaceful shrimp. theyre constantly holding meetings when they stand in a silly circle.