Assorted Dumbo Guppy

Assorted Dumbo Guppy

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Dumbo Guppy (Elephant Ear Guppy) Assorted -

Male Full of color and simply gorgeous!  Stock your guppy or planted tanks with these beautiful male Elephant Ear Guppies! Listing is for one fish.   The Dumbo Guppies are males and come assorted so fish may vary from what is seen in pics.   Guppies have been a staple in the hobby for decades. The Dumbo-ear Guppy is one of the most fantastic around! Large pectoral fins which look like “Elephats ears” and a beautiful combination of metallic colors and orange/red tails. As a live bearing fish they are easy to breed! Definitely one of our favorite guppies, if you have not kept them now is the time!