Aqua Japan All In One Tank AJ-40B

Aqua Japan All In One Tank AJ-40B

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Aqua Japan All In One Tank AJ-40B

This is one great tank for aquascaping!  With a built-in filter, strong output LED lighting attached and an optional lid (included), you'll have one of the cleanest and sleekest looking tanks around.  It is very quiet and perfect for all your planted tank needs.  Keep shrimp, tetras, rasboras and other beautiful tropical fish in this great tank.

The rimless and curved front of the AJ-40 aquarium makes it good for aquascape tanks and can even be used for a saltwater/marine tank.

High Quality Glass Tank

All In One

Approx. 17 gallons

40x40x40 cm (15.75" x 15.75" x 15.75") 

5mm thickness

Return Pump INCLUDED!  

Comes with Media

Comes with Return Fitting / Jet

10.5-W LED Lighting Included