Freshwater Predatory Fish in The Aquarium Hobby

Posted by Pet Zone SD on on 8th Feb 2021

Predatory Fish

Our Favorite Predator Fish In The Hobby

When it comes to predatory fish, many hobbyists often have this stigma that they aren't good fish to own. But in actuality, when predatory fish are kept in the right setting and the correct tank-mates are chosen, not only do they exhibit high intelligence but they often form a strong bond with their owner.

Aggression from predatory fish is a given but that shouldn't sway you from owning these often frowned upon species as they aggression can be managed when you've got the right knowledge and are able to commit to their needs. Not only will it be fulfilling but you'll experience an array of behavior often correlated with other household pets such as a dog.

Here are some of our top pics for predatory fish ranging from smaller sized fish up to the monster fish tank beasts.

1. Bichir aka Living Fossil Fish

2. Chalceus 'Tucan' Fish

3. Marbled Goby

4. Malabar Dwarf Puffer aka Pea Pufferfish

5. Arowana aka Dragonfish

6. Cichla aka Peacock Bass

7. Oscar Cichlid

8. Exodon 'Bucktooth' Tetra

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