Malabar Dwarf Puffer

Malabar Dwarf Puffer

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Malabar Dwarf Puffer - Carinotetraodon travancoricus

The Pea Puffer aka Pygmy Pufferfish is one of the smallest of the pufferfish family and are more ideal as they can live in full freshwater in comparison to others that require brackish water condition.  
They are a bit more shy compared to other larger puffers due to their smaller size as they are prey in the wild to other larger fish.  Also known as the Pea Pufferfish due to their super small size.

Despite their small size, they can be quite aggressive to even fish larger than them.  They can get territorial so it is best to keep them with larger peaceful and hardy fish.


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    Malabar Pea Puffers

    Posted by Sandy on 26th Sep 2020

    I think these are probably the cutest things I've seen in a long time. They did come a lot smaller than I expected. They are tiny!!! Fortunately I started a mosquitoe larvae bucket. I think that saved me as far a feeding them. They do hunt them down and eat them. I don't do worms!

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    Great Puffers!

    Posted by Shannon on 2nd Sep 2020

    I received these 3 puffers this week. All were alive and active upon delivery. They have been in the tank for 2 days now and are coloring up and curious. They are pretty small, but eating well and should grow pretty quickly!

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    Posted by Jerald Hedrick on 2nd Sep 2020

    thank you!

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    Dwarf puffer delivery

    Posted by Curtis Williams on 29th Aug 2020

    Very nice fish, much smaller than i thought they would be. 2 out of 3 were alive upon shipment

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    Dwarf pea puffers

    Posted by Lisa on 8th Aug 2020

    I received my adorable dwarf pea puffers on Tuesday. They are tiny with beautiful eyes. I have a lot of Christmas moss in the tank so it's like looking for a needle in the haystack. I am feeding them small white worms daphnia and microworms. I also have tiny snails in their tank. I have yet to see them eat the snails. All 3 appear healthy and happy. Shipping water was rather cold. Drip acclimated

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    Healthy Puffers!

    Posted by Ramsey on 5th Aug 2020

    I'm very happy to say that these puffers are fat and inquisitive, and have happily adjusted to their 36 gallon tank. I had a negative experience ordering pea puffers online from a different online store several weeks ago and the puffers I received at that time were emaciated and ill when they arrived. Only one out of those five survived. I was pretty reticent to try purchasing pea puffers online again, but I'm glad I did. All nine that I purchased from petzone survived and are currently thriving!

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    Love these little guys

    Posted by Jessica on 24th Jul 2020

    So happy with this order. They arrived in less than 24 hours and happy and alive. So cute.

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    Dwarf Puffers

    Posted by Kenneth Restor on 22nd Jul 2020

    My order arrived early Tuesday when I was working so my mom was the one to acclimate and put them in my big tank. These puffers are the cutest! Although I did not expect them to be very tiny, so I put them in my big tank and my Dwarf Gourami and Betta were chasing them. Luckily, they are healthy and are fast swimmers, they were able to avoid those hungry mouths and hid in the plants. Now, they are happy in my shrimp tank with lots of baby snails to eat! It’s a feast for them! Thank you, PetZone! :)

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    Pea puffer army

    Posted by Jason G on 19th Jul 2020

    Loving my new pea puffers. They arrived fast and healthy. Hough it isnt necessarily an issue, they were much smaller sized than i had anticipated( i have one already and wanted him to have friends). He appears to already be full grown (at an inch or so). The new group of nine are definitely very young, as they are around 1/2” max. So my only thing for other buyers is be aware that they are tiny lil “peas” for sure.
    Beyond all that, excellent service and timely over night delivery( from the ship date). Highly recommended!!!

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