Malabar Dwarf Puffer

Malabar Dwarf Puffer

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Malabar Dwarf Puffer - Carinotetraodon travancoricus

The Pea Puffer aka Pygmy Pufferfish is one of the smallest of the pufferfish family and are more ideal as they can live in full freshwater in comparison to others that require brackish water condition.  
They are a bit more shy compared to other larger puffers due to their smaller size as they are prey in the wild to other larger fish.  Also known as the Pea Pufferfish due to their super small size.

Despite their small size, they can be quite aggressive to even fish larger than them.  They can get territorial so it is best to keep them with larger peaceful and hardy fish.


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    Arrived Alive

    Posted by Stephen Scheidig on 24th Jun 2020

    Fish arrived alive but I recommend adding some sort of ice pack to the packaging. Water temp in the bag was near 95 degrees as it was shipped in the summer from CA to FL. On a positive note, all fish recovered after acclimation (water drip method) began eating snails in the tank within hours, and fully adapted to their new home and began eating red worms the next day. They are happy and healthy, but please add a freeze brick or something to the foam box to keep the water temp a little lower during summer shipping.

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    Puffers arrived safe

    Posted by Jessica Gonzalez on 24th Jun 2020

    i ordered 6 pea puffers on Sunday, Tuesday morning they arrived safe and happy!! All in good condition. They are adorable little baby beans :) i was nervous ordering animals online but they were clearly well prepared and cared for.

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    I love my pea puffer

    Posted by Charlie B. on 31st May 2020

    My pea puffer, Io, has been doing great for the past couple of months. She eats live blackworms, which I was also able to get from Petzone, and thank goodness because puffers are so picky about food. She is plump and healthy.

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    Dwarf Puffer

    Posted by Connor on 29th Apr 2020

    Beautiful fish, arrived healthy.
    Only complaint was customer service as I had sent a few e-mails to cancel the order.

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    Malabar Dwarf Puffer Fish

    Posted by Kathy on 15th Apr 2020

    All arrived in excellent condition and even ate the second day in their new home. Would definitely recommend Pet Zone. Very personable and helpful.

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    Dwarf puffers

    Posted by Marc Spielberger on 1st Nov 2019

    They arrived in great health and full of energy. They ate immediately and are now doing well in their tank!

  • 5
    Pea puffers

    Posted by Sheila Ross on 11th Oct 2019

    When I received them they were all alive healthy they're all swimming around the tank now happy as can be they're even eating

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    Dwarf puffers

    Posted by Jared solomon on 8th Oct 2019

    Great looking healthy beautiful fish arrived and they are thriving . Very fun fish to watch

  • 5

    Posted by Carl Saporito on 7th Oct 2019

    great fish

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