UNS Glass Stand

UNS Glass Stand

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UNS Aquarium Glass Stand


The new Ultum Nature Systems Glass Stand is constructed from the same ultra clear low iron glass that is used on all UNS rimless tanks. The same level of quality craftsmanship can be expected. These premium all-glass aquarium stands will fit standard 45CM and 60CM tank sizes which include Ultum Nature Systems 45S, 45U, 60S, 60U models. Ultum Nature Systems Glass Stands have been specifically designed with enough storage space for standard aquarium equipment such as canister filters, aquarium plant fertilizers, aquascaping tools, CO2 cylinders and much more for a clean look. Aquariums that are larger than the base of the stand or aquascapes layouts weighing over 275 pounds should not be used alongside the Ultum Nature Systems Glass Stand.



*This listing is for the glass stand ONLY. Wood bases may be purchased separately or in a set.*


Details & Overview (L x W x H):

UNS 45U Glass Aquarium Stand:

  • 17.71 x 11.02 x 31.5"
  • Fits the 45U Rimless Aquarium

UNS 60U Glass Aquarium Stand:

  • 23.62 x 14.17 x 28.7"
  • Top shelf is roughly 10" clearance height
  • Bottom is roughly 19" clearance height
  • Fits the 60U Rimless Aquarium


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