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Meet The Team!

Meet The Team Behind Pet Zone Tropical Fish

Dedicated to true fish keeping & aquascaping.



Roger Ma

Co-Founder & "Top Fish"

Roger is the co-founder and owner of Pet Zone Tropical Fish. With over a decade of experience working internationally in import/export and eCommerce, he has an eye for current trends and sparks new interest among fellow fish hobbyist.

When he isn't busy managing day-to-day operations of the store, you can catch him traveling in a new city, enjoying crafted coffee at a nearby cafe or finding the next foodie hotspot in town!



Alan Ly

"Betta Boss"

Alan is the go-to-man when it comes to Bettas, Tetra and other community tropical fish.

When he's not working on a fish tank, you can find him getting his fitness on at the gym, taking photographs of America's Finest City or grubbing at one of his favorite food joints!



Powell Hean

"Monster Fish Man"

Powell is the monster fish connoisseur. He has half a dozen tanks and keeps all sorts of beastly fish. He aspires to keep fish that grow just as big as himself.

When fish duties are all done for the day, you can catch him riding his fixie around town or finding the next hotspot for bass fishing!



Jonathan Moon

"Aquascaping Wizard"

Jonathan is the go-to-person for any type of aquascape knowledge. His work fulfills his passion of taking a piece of nature and replicating it within a minature ecosphere.

When aquascaping duties don't take up his time, you can find him spearfishing or free-diving right off the coast of San Diego or playing his guitar!



Leonardo Rodriguez

Leo is the go-to-person for fish breeding knowledge. With an undergrad degree in aquaculture, Leo has extensive experience in fish husbandry and worked on numerous fish breeding projects.  

During his free time, you can find Leo spending time with his dogs (he is a parent of 4 beagles) or shooting hoops at the basketball court.