Empire Gudgeon Goby

Empire Gudgeon Goby

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Empire Gudgeon - Hypseleotris compressa 

The Empire Gudgeon is one of the less common "sleeper goby" fish and have a striking appearance (especially the males).

They are a peaceful fish though they shouldn't be kept with bite sized fish or inverts as they are predators.  They thrive in planted tanks and their colors brighten up once they settle into their new homes.

Size is about 1.5-2".  

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    Great condition and color!

    Posted by Shane on 22nd Nov 2019

    I received a pair of empire gudgeons about a week and a half ago. The fish arrived in great condition and even great coloration. They spent some time in quarantine and never skipped a beat, with no signs of injury or illness. After prophylactic treatment and some medicated food, they went into my 75 community and their personality really came out - not acting shy one bit and eating like champions. Overall, I'm very happy with the service and the fish and won't hesitate to order again for future needs! Thank you to everyone at Petzone!

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    the empire doesnt strike back

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Nov 2016

    I live in connecticut and have had a 55 gal brackish tank for 2 yrs. I was researching other species that i could put in my tank. I have at least I of every type that is available in ct. I stumbled on a picture of an empire gudgeon and decided to see if they were available. This brought me to petzone . They had many and I purchased one. Despite some confusion on my part my gudgeon arrived at 10.25 the next day as promised alive and well. I should mention that i was told my shipment would arrive at 10:30!! Once I recieved my package upon opening it I was pleased to see 2 empire gudgeons ( thank you paul) Although lighter in color than the picture i originally saw the empires were perfect and have gotten along very well in my tank. I am not sure the lighter color is due to the sex of my fish or breeding but I couldnt be happier wirmth my new additions from across the country. Well done petzone.

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