Curated Aquatic Plants - Mystery Bundle of 4

Curated Aquatic Plants - Mystery Bundle of 4

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Curated Aquatic Plants - Mystery Bundle of 4

Having trouble figuring out which plants to choose for your tank?  

Let us choose it for you and pick out some of our top favorites when it comes to aquascaping.  Our planted tank junkies will get you some good picks for your tank so it looks good!

**Mystery Pack**. 

When it comes to aquascaping, we are happy to choose for you, giving you some variety for plants that'll help you make that bare tank have some elements of aesthetics.

Bundle comes with four plants we choose for you based on your preference.  No cherry picking or choosing the exact plant, let us surprise you with some goodies!


**Note, if you are local, you will get first dibs while supplies last!  First come first serve.
Price reduced to $19.99 until next Wed. to make room for a new shipment of plants!

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