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Proper Aquarium Substrate For Healthy Fish & Plants

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Ultum Nature Controsoil

pH is an important factor to consider in aquariums that is often looked over. In order to maintain a preferable pH level, the Controsoil substrate includes kH buffering. kH is a reading of carbonate ions in the water column. Carbonate acts as a pH buffer by absorbing the acidity and preventing it from reaching low pH levels. This acts as a safeguard to keep your pH stable until all carbonate ions have been occupied with an acidic proton. The more kH in one’s water, the more buffering capacity it will have.
Jonathan goes into depth of the secret that makes Controsoil stand out from other bags of substrate. There is a lack of detritus when initially setting up the soil so the water is much clearer compared to other substrates. It also have a significantly lower amount of ammonia that leeches which allows quicker addition of fish and shrimp to the tank. Click here for the video comparing both substrates.

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