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New DOOA Brand From ADA Has Arrived!

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DOOA, the newest brand from ADA has arrived to the US!  We are one of the first few stores in America to carry the new DOOA line and have the entire product lineup (the new tanks will arrive in December) here at our Convoy District Kearny Mesa store. 

They've discontinued the Do!Aqua line and DOOA is the new line which they've revamped with the new approach and we are loving the new line of lily pipes (inflow and outflow), CO2 diffusers and bubble counters.  These are gorgeous glass pieces and we love the colorful and bold packaging they come in.  

We love the new approach ADA is taking with their DOOA brand.  For those of you who love vivariums or terrariums, you will love their new Terra tanks along with their Neo Terra and Neo Glass Air tanks.  Wabi-Kusa is one of the focuses and this takes Nature Aquarium to a new level as DOOA's focus on this new line is a mixture of both emersed and immersed planted tanks.   

We've already sold quite a few of the new DOOA items so come get your Nature Aquarium fix today!

Here's a quick preview of what we have in our store here at Pet Zone Tropical Fish!

Here are some higher quality pictures (excuse our subpar iPhone photos we took in-store) from ADA themselves!

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