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New Aquascaping Supplies Available At Kearny Mesa Storefront

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We've got in a ton of aquascape goodies at our Kearny Mesa storefront!

There are some nice pieces of driftwood that have arrived (we've got a good mixture of Malaysian driftwood and Mopani), along with some very nice pieces of spider wood (roots of the Azalea plant).  

Also in stock are some ADA style rocks and stones.  This is perfect to create that zen design you've always wanted.  Make it a centerpiece in your living space and give some tranquility to your surroundings.

We also have a ton of newly arrived aquascaping tools for your planted aquarium.  
Find plant tweezers, scissors and other tools to get that tank aquascaped the way you want it.  We are one of the few stores in the San Diego area to carry a full line of planted aquarium supplies along with a large selection of freshwater aquarium plants!

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