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New 105 Gallon Rimless Aquascape Tank Build At Pet Zone Tropical Fish!

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Hey everyone!

We're in the middle of working on a new aquascape tank build at our Convoy/Kearny Mesa store.  It's a gorgeous Ultum Nature Systems 120U rimless tank.  If you're familiar with their tanks, you will know the beauty and craftsmanship that are put into building them.  

It took us a few hours just to get all hardscape in there.  We set it up with some ADA Bacter 100 along with a few bags of ADA Power Sand before adding about seven 9L bags of ADA Amazonia Light Aquasoil.  

We did strip the hardscape layout a couple times just to get it scaped out to our liking.  There was nearly around 200 lbs. of Seiryu Stone added to the back to give it that Nature Aquarium look, along with a number of Spiderwood pieces.  

We decided to do a mixture of low, medium and high light plants to get everything from the foreground, midground and background covered for the entire aquascape tank build.  

Here are some pictures of the progress.  We will be posting updates these next few weeks to show the plant growth and how everything will come together.  We're very excited!

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