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Nature Aquarium Aquascape Substrate Additives To Use!


Quick intro on some of the aquarium plant substrate additives you can use when setting up a newly planted tank. We use ADA's Nature Aquarium line of additives here at Pet Zone Tropical Fish in San Diego.

These additives are optional but we like to put them to use as our planted tanks are for public display here at our storefront and we like to have all our aquascape tanks as well balanced as possible.

ADA Bacter 100 is a powdered additive mixture of 100 different types/strains of bacteria and culture that helps jumpstart a newly set up tank and gets it cycled properly.

ADA Clear Super is an additive composed of activated carbon and organic acids and helps jumpstart the growth of the biological bacteria from the ADA Bacter 100 mix and gives stability in the soil-bed.

ADA Tourmaline BC is composed of bamboo charcoal and tourmaline and aids in the propagation of the beneficial bacteria and root growth and development.

We will demonstrate on the second video on how to sprinkle this onto the bottom of the new tank before you add ADA Powersand and the soil substrate.


In this second video (live streamed), Jon will be demonstrating soil composition & additives and the ecological functions in a planted aquarium.

Tank: Ultum Nature Systems 20C Rimless Cube Nano Tank 2.1g
Substrate Additives: ADA Bacter 100, Clear Super & Tourmaline BC
Substrate: ADA Power Sand Special (first layer for bacteria colonization) & ADA Amazonia Light Aqua Soil

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