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Memorial Day Weekend Special Sale!

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In honor of Memorial Day, we are having a special sale for you fellow aquarists! 

We're giving away a portion of X-Mas Moss with any plant purchase and also doing a sale on select fish! These deals are good until Monday night.

X-Ray Pristella: 5 x $9.99
Bleeding Heart Tetra: $3.99 each
Zebra Danios: 6 for $9.99
Chinese Algae Eaters: $2.99 each
Red Eyed Tetra: 6 for $9.99
Buenos Aires Tetra: $3.99 each
Medium Sized Discus: $49.99 each
Scissortail Rasbora: 5 for $9.99
Glowlight Tetra: 5 for $9.99
Guppies: 3 for $9.99
Black Skirt Tetra: 3 for $9.99

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