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Fun Facts About The Mono Argentus - Monodactylidae

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Mono Argentus (Monodactylidae) are a very popular fish to keep because of their unique reflective skin and special shape. The name argentus comes from their bright yellow dorsal fin, argentus means gold in latin.

There are many common names for this fish, some include Silver Moony, Moonfish, and Diamond Moonfish. They are able to tolerate living in freshwater aquariums as juveniles but do better in brackish conditions as they mature. Some hobbyists transition them to fully saltwater tanks as well.

The Mono Fish are timid and easily frightened but when kept in schools they are lively and entertaining to watch. When it comes to feeding time, these fish go crazy for food and enjoy a large variety of food from live and frozen foods to flakes, some people even feed them vegetables.

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