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Controsoil vs ADA Amazonia - Planted Aquarium Aquasoil Substrate Comparison

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Marfied x UNS Controsoil vs. ADA Amazonia Light Aquasoil

In this video, Jon gives a brief intro and description of the newly rebranded Controsoil (made in collaboration between UNSMarfied) in comparison to ADA's Amazonia Light.

ADA's Aquasoil has been on the market for many years and many advanced aquascaping and planted tank hobbyists know and understand that their flagship substrate, Amazonia, does leech a significant amount of ammonia along with making the water very cloudy, thus resulting the need to do water changes during the first 3-4 weeks during the cycle process before fish can be added.

Controsoil has also been in the market for quite some time but Marfied did stop exporting to the US market for a while now and we've only been able to obtain a few cases of the Controsoil Black a handful of times during special order requests.

Controsoil is significantly "cleaner" and does not cloud up the water too much and clears up at a much faster rate compared to many other volcano based aqua soils on the market. It also have a significantly lower amount of ammonia that leeches, allowing one to add fish and/or shrimp or other inverts to the tank at a faster rate than the ADA Amazonia.

ADA Amazonia Light is a lighter colored soil (light brown) and has much less ammonia in comparison to their best selling Amazonia soil but as you can see from side by side demonstration, it still clouds up the water quite a bit and takes longer to clear up compared to Controsoil.

We've used both ADA Amazonia and Controsoil in many of our tanks and have also been selling both brands of plant substrate here at our store in San Diego and also on our online store (www.petzonesd.com) so we don't have any particular bias towards on brand over the other.

Note, we weren't paid nor sponsored by either UNS or ADA.
We are an authorized dealer for both brands and love working with both companies! Both companies take similar approaches when it comes to Nature Aquarium types of aquascaping and we support both companies.

If you're looking to order one of the planted tank substrates shown in the video, find us at www.petzonesd.com or in-store here in San Diego, California.

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