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Black Friday 2017 Deals Are Now Here!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Ready for Black Friday SHOPPING?!

While you are enjoying some tasty turkey, we've worked hard to bring some awesome deals for all of you fellow fish keepers and aquascapers.

We've compiled a list but will continue adding more to the list (along with having other specials in-store Friday).

Here is a list of the items with deals too good to pass: 

Hardscape, substrate, tanks, decor and other dry goods:

  • Dragon StoneSeiryu Stone - just $1.25/lb (regular price $2.49/lb)
  • Redwood Stone - just $1.99/lb. (regular price $2.99/lb)
  • Marimo Moss Balls - Small $2.99 each, Large $6.99 each (regular price: small $4.99, large $9.99)
  • Spiderwood - 25% off regardless of size (regular price is $4.99 - $65 each) **If Online, use promo code BFSW25
  • Malaysian Driftwood - 25% off (regular price is $14.99 - $85) **If Online, use promo code BFDW25
  • ADA Malaya Aquasoil 3L Bag - Just $16.99 (regular price is $24.99)
  • ADA Africana Aquasoil 9L Powder Version - Just $45 (regular price is $57.99)
  • Seachem Flourite Substrates, entire line (Black, Red, Onyx, etc) - 30% off (originally $16.99) **only sold in-store
  • Fluval Stratum Substrate - SmallMediumLarge, 20% off (originally $12.99 - $38.99)
  • Rimless Tank Special - Get FREE small Spiderwood with each tank purchase!
  • Potted Plants - Buy 3 for $19.99 (regular price $7.99/pot) **only sold in-store
  • Loose-Banded Plants - $4.99 each (regular price $5.99 - $6.99 each) **only sold in-store
  • Starter Tank Kits - Get free bag of gravel! **only sold in-store
  • Aquarium Decor - All 30% off **only sold in-store
  • Posters - Just $9.99 each (regular price $11.99)

Livestock - Fish/Invert Deals:

Don't forget that we are also having a FREE Aquascaping Workshop that starts at 11am at our Convoy District/Kearny Mesa store.  If you're not in SD, you can watch our live stream at facebook.com/petzonesd

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and see you all soon!

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