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ATLEDTiS LED Planted Lights Now In Stock!

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Aquascapers and Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts, the popular ATLEDTiS LED Planted Tank Lights are now in stock!

Be one of the first in the US to have these lights on your tank.  The pendant style E6 & E6+ are great for 12-14" rimless tanks and the Cookie & Cookie+ are great for 12-24" tanks.  

ATLEDTiS has years of expertise and are able to use the optimized spectrums and lumens to help get your plants growing the proper way!  

Even world renowned aquascapers such as Oliver Knott uses these lights in their own tanks.  

Available in limited quantity, order yours before the holidays so your guests can be impressed by the aesthetics of your beautiful aquascaped planted tank.  

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