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Aquascaping Tank Build Updates


Hey everyone!  

We wanted to give some updated pictures on some of the aquascaping projects we've been working on here at our Convoy District/Kearny Mesa store.  We'll constantly working on new planted tanks with different rimless aquariums and love to pass along our passion for aquatic plants and the art of aquascape to fellow fish keeping hobbyists.

We're continuously building a community of aquascapers here in San Diego and would love to help gain more interest for the aquascape hobby as we truly believe it is a form of art for both the aquascaper and those that enjoy the beauty of the planted tanks. 

Be on the lookout as we now carry Wabi-Kusa style aquascaping supplies and tanks at our store!  We are always finding cool and creative projects to work out and would love to get the entire aquascape and planted tank community involved with what we are doing.  Wabi Kusa workshops will be held in addition to our frequent aquascape 101 workshops here at our Convoy District/Kearny Mesa storefront.  

Here are some updated pics of the progress.

Ultum Nature Systems 120U Rimless Planted Tank

ADA 30C Rimless tank with Tripartita, Pearlweed & Redwood Stones

SP Red Ludwigia growing well with Twinstar 900SP LED

UNS 20C Rimless Tank - Low-Tech Plants with ADA Aquasoil & Crypto plants

Super Red Natans Ludwigia in our UNS 120U Rimless Planted Tank

Pet Zone Convoy/Kearny Mesa is the go-to LFS for aquatic plants and freshwater tropical fish!

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