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Unboxing & Installing Twinstar Nano+ Algae Inhibitor - Aquarium Sterilizer

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Unboxing and testing out the TWINSTAR Algae Inhibitor Nano+ in one of our newly aquascaped tanks with a tad bit of some algae bloom (it's the very first week).

We will document the progress through the course of the next few days and few weeks and show the difference between both similarly planted tanks side by side.

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Controsoil vs ADA Amazonia - Planted Aquarium Aquasoil Substrate Comparison

Marfied x UNS Controsoil vs. ADA Amazonia Light AquasoilIn this video, Jon gives a brief intro and description of the newly rebranded Controsoil (made in collaboration between UNS & Marfied) in comparison to ADA's Amazonia Light. ADA's Aquasoil has been on the market for many years and many advanced aquascaping and planted tank hobbyists know and understand that [...]

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Planted Tank Essentials: Benefits of Carbon For Aquatic Plants

Carbon is the key element to beautiful and healthy plants. The best way to supply your plants with carbon is through carbon dioxide (CO2). But not everyone wants to break the bank on expensive pressurized CO2 systems. Fortunately, UNS has released an amazing product to provide planted tanks with CO2 for a fraction of the [...]

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Hardscape Layout & Substrate Setup Aquascape Tank Build on Ultum Nature Systems 90P Rimless Tanks

Hey everyone!  We've continued with the hardscape layout and substrate setup for the two Ultum Nature Systems 90P aquascaping tank build here at our Convoy District/Kearny Mesa store.  Jon continued from where Leo and Bryan had left off a few days back.  We've been crazy busy and do our best in getting these aquascaping tanks worked [...]

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Aquascaping UNS 90P Rimless Tanks Side-By-Side

We are working on a new aquascape tank build, once again!This time around, it will be two Ultum Nature Systems 90P tanks (44 gallons), side by side.If you happen to be in the Convoy District/Kearny Mesa area of San Diego, come see our aquascaping project in person.  Here's a quick little glimpse on the "rough [...]

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Aquascape Tank Build Progress Update - Ultum Nature Systems 120U Planted Tank

Here’s a quick update on our aquascaping tank build we did about 3 months ago. It has grown quite a lot and looking very nice. We’ve redid a few sections of the tank but overall the majority of the plants have done very well and flourished!For those who haven’t been following us on this planted [...]

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Aquascape Workshop & Raffle - March 10th, 2018

We wanted to give a big thanks to all of those who attended our workshop this past Saturday.  And thank you to those who watched via live stream on FB or IG!  We had a good turnout and Leo did an amazing job showing everyone the 101 on aquascaping.  We hope you left with lots [...]

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Drip Acclimating New Fish To Your Aquarium

Many times, we are excited and want to get our new fish home as soon as possible and as much as we would like to rush things and get them into the fish tank quickly, this can be disastrous and stressful to the new fish. Watch Jon explain below about the importance of why you should [...]

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Learn How To Aquascape Workshop!

Join Pet Zone Tropical Fish for a free workshop on some simple fundamentals of aquascaping. We’ll show you how to get the tank ready, which substrate to use and how to get the plants into the tank, providing plenty of knowledge on getting a new fish tank scaped out. BONUS: We will raffle off the tank [...]

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Aquascaping Basics: Aquatic Plant Trimming, Maintenance & Planted Tank Rearrangement

If you missed our livestream of Jon demonstrating some basic plant trimming, maintenance & planted tank rearrangement tips & pointers, do not worry.  We have the entire livestream recorded on FaceBook for your convenience.  =)

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