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Black Friday 2017 - Free Aquascape Workshop & SALE!

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FREE aquascaping workshop! We know you are tired after all that Black Friday shopping so come join us for a fun and inspiring workshop as we show you the steps on how to set up the beautiful Nature Aquarium aquascaped tank you've always wanted.

We are also having some GREAT DEALS on some aquascaping supplies and on many other items & fish, some up to 50% off! Friday ONLY!

The workshop still start around 11am until noon, this will be held at our Convoy/Kearny Mesa location at 4160 Convoy St, San Diego, CA 92111.

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New 105 Gallon Rimless Aquascape Tank Build At Pet Zone Tropical Fish!

Hey everyone!We're in the middle of working on a new aquascape tank build at our Convoy/Kearny Mesa store.  It's a gorgeous Ultum Nature Systems 120U rimless tank.  If you're familiar with their tanks, you will know the beauty and craftsmanship that are put into building them.  It took us a few hours just to get [...]

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Nature Aquarium Aquascaping

As many of you fellow aquascapers know, Nature Aquarium was brought into the hobby by Takashi Amano (founder of ADA).  Though aquascaping has been around for many years, it still hasn't taken off and many aquarists are still unaware of how to start a planted tank nor are they aware of the beauty that can [...]

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We Want To Feature Local San Diego Aquascapers & Their Aquascaped Tanks!

San Diego Aquascapers! We are working on a short video piece and would like to feature local aquascapers and your tanks. Send your tank pics via Facebook or Instagram (@petzone) or hashtag #aquascapesdWe're excited and look forward to seeing your tanks and working with a few of you fellow aquascapers!

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Free Aquascaping Workshop Saturday, September 30th at Pet Zone Tropical Fish in Kearny Mesa

FREE Aquascaping Workshop!Learn the fundamentals of how to set up and maintain a planted aquascape tank. We will cover everything from picking the right substrate, ideal plants, hardscape options, and the approaches on keeping the tank looking good and eye catching!Note, this will be held at our Kearny Mesa store off Convoy Street, inside Convoy Plaza.This [...]

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New Arrival Of Wild-Caught Discus At Pet Zone Tropical Fish - Convoy, Kearny Mesa

We've got in a very gorgeous batch of Wild Discus at our Kearny Mesa store!  These beauties are already begging for food left and right.  We've had them under quarantine for a few weeks now.Only 10 in stock this time around and we can guarantee they'll sell in a matter of days (maybe 1 or 2 [...]

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ADA Aqua Design Amano 20C vs. UNS Ultum Nature Systems 20C Rimless Cube Tank Comparison

Here's a side-by-side comparison of the ADA Aqua Design Amano 20C Garden Cube Tank versus the UNS Ultum Nature Systems 20C Cube Tank. Both are low-iron and have nearly flawless corners and edges.One immediate difference you can see is that the ADA tank is thicker and appears to have a lot less iron in their [...]

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New ADA Aqua Design Amano Shipment Arriving This Week At Pet Zone Kearny Mesa!

Hey Aquascapers!We've got another new shipment of Aqua Design Amano ADA products arriving to our Pet Zone Kearny Mesa store this week, including the new AquaSky G light system. New 3L & 9L ADA Aquasoil will also be arriving so our shelves will be full of these awesome goodies, including some new rimless tanks.ADA's new line, [...]

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One-Year Anniversary Weekend Here At Pet Zone Tropical Fish - Kearny Mesa

We would like to give a big thanks to all of you for your support and helping us have a successful year at this new location in Kearny Mesa.  It has been great joining the Convoy District and Kearny Mesa neighborhood and we've had the best warm welcoming since opening our doors here a year [...]

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Celebrate Our One Year Anniversary At Pet Zone Kearny Mesa!

We're excited to annouce the one year anniversary since the opening of our store here on Convoy in Kearny Mesa! As our special thank you to all of you, we will be having a free raffle contest, free workshops and a SALE in-store for the entire weekend (Friday July 7th - Sunday July 9th).We wouldn't [...]

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