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Marimo Moss Ball ALERT: Zebra Mussel Invasive Species Risk

Posted by Pet Zone Tropical Fish on on 5th Mar 2021

The aquatics hobby is on high alert with the risk of many Marimo Moss Balls harboring the highly invase Zebra Mussels. These mussels have wreaked havoc on many waterways around the world, including h … read more

Aquascaping Hardscape - The 'Bones' Of An Aquascape

Posted by Pet Zone SD on on 24th Feb 2021

Aquascape Hardscape Hardscape is the term for decorative natural materials such as stones or wood. They are the "bones" of any aquascape design. We are happy to announce a huge restock on many hardsca … read more

Scape of The Week Dry Scape Builds At Our Convoy Shop

Posted by Pet Zone SD on on 22nd Feb 2021

We’re starting a new 'Scape Of The Week' dry scape build here at our Convoy shop. These aquascape builds are almost “plug & play,” simply add your choice of plants + hardware and voila, you’ll hav … read more