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Tropical Fish Scavenger Hunt Back By Popular Demand On A Weekly Basis!

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Join our Scavenger Hunt! We had a huge turnout and participation the other month during our first scavenger hunt. Due to popular demand, we will be doing a special free scavenger hunt for you and your family all weekend (Saturday & Sunday) on a weekly basis here at our Convoy District/Kearny Mesa location.

Once completed, we’ll give every participant some goodies and prizes!

Put your fish & aquarium knowledge to the test.

See all of you fellow aquarists and fish keepers soon.

Happy Fish Keeping!

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Fun Facts About The Mono Argentus - Monodactylidae

Mono Argentus (Monodactylidae) are a very popular fish to keep because of their unique reflective skin and special shape. The name argentus comes from their bright yellow dorsal fin, argentus means gold in latin.There are many common names for this fish, some include Silver Moony, Moonfish, and Diamond Moonfish. They are able to tolerate living [...]

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Fun Fish Fact Friday - The Mystical Arowana Fish

Fun Fish Fact FridayIf you have ever been to our store, then you have seen our treasured store pets. Our Albino Silver Arowanas have been here since the store has opened. A lot of people love this fish because of its elegance and the way it’s scales sparkle; it looks close to a dragon. It [...]

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Scavenger Hunt At Pet Zone Tropical Fish in Convoy District/Kearny Mesa

Here are the champs of our Scavenger Hunt during the Convoy District San Diego Night Market 2018! We had a blast with many of you over the past weekend and all of you fellow aquarists put in great effort discovering all the answers to the scavenger hunt.A big thanks to those of you who participated. [...]

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Planted Tank Balance & Equilibrium Lecture/Workshop

Having issues with balancing your planted tank during those first few weeks? Learn about how to biological reactions are crucial during the beginning stages of your aquarium!This advanced aquascape workshop about equilibrium and balance will be an open discussion, hosted by Jon. Jon will be discussing a few aspects about biological bacteria and why it [...]

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Live Aquascaping Contest At Pet Zone Tropical Fish - Convoy/Kearny Mesa

Pet Zone Tropical Fish will be hosting a live aquascape competition during the Saturday on the weekend of our two-year anniversary. Contestants will compete with an UNS low-iron rimless 3 gallon nano tank. Aquascaping materials will be provided and includes Controsoil substrate from Marfied x UNS, choice of Seiryu Stone or Dragon Stone, Spiderwood + 3 [...]

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Memorial Day Weekend Special Sale!

In honor of Memorial Day, we are having a special sale for you fellow aquarists! We're giving away a portion of X-Mas Moss with any plant purchase and also doing a sale on select fish! These deals are good until Monday night.X-Ray Pristella: 5 x $9.99Bleeding Heart Tetra: $3.99 eachZebra Danios: 6 for $9.99Chinese Algae Eaters: [...]

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Congrats To All The Raffle Prize Winners At Our Aquascape Demonstration Workshop!

We'd like to give a big thanks to all of you who attended our aquascape demonstration workshop.  Bryan did an amazing job and was very happy to show all of you how to get started with the planted tank hobby!  We hope all of you left with plenty of knowledge on how to get a [...]

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Aquascape Demonstration Workshop At Our Convoy District/Kearny Mesa Store

We are honored to have had all of you lovely guests join us today for our aquascape workshop here at our store off Convoy in Kearny Mesa! Hope you were able to learn a lot from Bryan’s demonstration of how to build a low-tech planted tank! Thank you again for all the support!

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