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New Thai Silk Flowerhorn Stock!


Flowerhorn lovers, we have received a handful of Thai Silk beauties!  The Thai Silk Flowerhorn is also known as the Blue Diamond Flowerhorn or Titanium Flowerhorn.  

These beauties are already showing great traits and personality!  

They are roughly around 3.5 - 4" and FREE SHIPPING is included.  

See more of them at www.petzonesd.com/flowerhorns or come see them in-person here in San Diego!

Thai Silk Flowerhorn

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Christmas 2017 Sale Specials!

CHRISTMAS SALE SPECIALS! Santa knows you've been good.Our sale has begun and ends this Sunday, December 24th. Available both in-store and online at petzonesd.com.We're having deals on the following fish & items:• 25% off all tanks (except ADA), use XMAS25 code if shopping online• Dragon & Seiryu Stone just $1.49/lb.• Potted Plants 3 For $19.99• Small Discus just $19.99 each• Fish [...]

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ATLEDTiS LED Planted Lights Now In Stock!

Aquascapers and Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts, the popular ATLEDTiS LED Planted Tank Lights are now in stock!Be one of the first in the US to have these lights on your tank.  The pendant style E6 & E6+ are great for 12-14" rimless tanks and the Cookie & Cookie+ are great for 12-24" tanks.  ATLEDTiS has years of [...]

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Visited Aquascape Local Fish Stores in Asia!

I spent a couple weeks in Asia and just got back to the states the other day (yes, jet-lag is still affecting me).I got a chance to visit a handful of different aquascape stores and other ADA dealers while in Japan, Hong Kong and mainland China.  It was an inspiration seeing all the cool aquascaping [...]

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New DOOA Brand From ADA Has Arrived!

DOOA, the newest brand from ADA has arrived to the US!  We are one of the first few stores in America to carry the new DOOA line and have the entire product lineup (the new tanks will arrive in December) here at our Convoy District Kearny Mesa store. They've discontinued the Do!Aqua line and DOOA is [...]

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Black Friday 2017 Deals Are Now Here!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Ready for Black Friday SHOPPING?!While you are enjoying some tasty turkey, we've worked hard to bring some awesome deals for all of you fellow fish keepers and aquascapers.We've compiled a list but will continue adding more to the list (along with having other specials in-store Friday).Here is a list of the items with [...]

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Black Friday 2017 - Free Aquascape Workshop & SALE!

FREE aquascaping workshop! We know you are tired after all that Black Friday shopping so come join us for a fun and inspiring workshop as we show you the steps on how to set up the beautiful Nature Aquarium aquascaped tank you've always wanted.We are also having some GREAT DEALS on some aquascaping supplies and [...]

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New 105 Gallon Rimless Aquascape Tank Build At Pet Zone Tropical Fish!

Hey everyone!We're in the middle of working on a new aquascape tank build at our Convoy/Kearny Mesa store.  It's a gorgeous Ultum Nature Systems 120U rimless tank.  If you're familiar with their tanks, you will know the beauty and craftsmanship that are put into building them.  It took us a few hours just to get [...]

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Nature Aquarium Aquascaping

As many of you fellow aquascapers know, Nature Aquarium was brought into the hobby by Takashi Amano (founder of ADA).  Though aquascaping has been around for many years, it still hasn't taken off and many aquarists are still unaware of how to start a planted tank nor are they aware of the beauty that can [...]

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We Want To Feature Local San Diego Aquascapers & Their Aquascaped Tanks!

San Diego Aquascapers! We are working on a short video piece and would like to feature local aquascapers and your tanks. Send your tank pics via Facebook or Instagram (@petzone) or hashtag #aquascapesdWe're excited and look forward to seeing your tanks and working with a few of you fellow aquascapers!

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