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Celebrate Our One Year Anniversary At Pet Zone Kearny Mesa!

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We're excited to annouce the one year anniversary since the opening of our store here on Convoy in Kearny Mesa! As our special thank you to all of you, we will be having a free raffle contest, free workshops and a SALE in-store for the entire weekend (Friday July 7th - Sunday July 9th).

We wouldn't be where we are today without your support and want to give our appreciation to all of you!

There will be free workshops on how to aquascape, how to properly maintain your fish tank and also a raffle contest and of course a sale for everything in-store (with certain exceptions).

This will be held here in Kearny Mesa inside Convoy Plaza:
Pet Zone Tropical Fish
4160 Convoy St.
San Diego, CA 92111

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Aquascaping Workshop - June 10th, Saturday At Pet Zone Kearny Mesa

Learn the fundamentals of how to set up and maintain a planted aquascape tank. We will cover everything from picking the right substrate, ideal plants, hardscape options and the approaches on keeping the tank looking good!Note, this will be held at our Kearny Mesa store off Convoy Street. Address:Pet Zone Tropical Fish4160 Convoy St. (inside Convoy [...]

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Shipment of ADA Aqua Design Amano Products Have Arrived Here At Pet Zone Kearny Mesa - San Diego!

We've got some exciting news!  The first shipment of Aqua Design Amano (ADA) products have arrived this past weekend.  We are super excited and also very proud to be the very first ADA retailer here in San Diego (and second local fish store to carry ADA in Southern California).  We've got in some very gorgeous rimless tanks, [...]

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We Are Now An Official ADA (Aqua Design Amano) Retailer!

We are proud to announce that we are now an official ADA (Aqua Design Amano) retailer and one of two stores in Southern California carrying ADA products (first local fish store in San Diego to become an ADA retailer and carry ADA products). Our first shipment of substrates, tanks, etc. will be arriving by the [...]

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Newly Arrived Aqua Japan AJ Series Rimless Tanks For Planted Aquascape Style Aquariums!

May is already here and we've got in some super cool tanks just in time before summer hits!Aqua Japan is known for their beautiful curved rimless aquariums and are popular among aquascapers.  Not only are these tanks all-in-one but are crafted beautifully that you can showcase your plants and scape it out perfectly as everything [...]

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Aquascaping Workshop At Pet Zone Tropical Fish, Kearny Mesa - San Diego - April 29th, 2017

Come join us for a quick workshop on some simple fundamentals of aquascaping! We'll show you hands on how to get the tank ready, which substrate to use and how to get the plants into the tank. We guarantee you'll leave with plenty of knowledge on getting your new tank scaped out! Note, this will be [...]

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New Arowana Stock - April 2017

Arowana lovers, we have a new batch of both rare and popular Arowanas!The True Albino Silver Arowana is back in stock, along with a large batch of Silver Arowanas (baby fry, medium sized juveniles and larger juveniles).  We also have a handful of Black Arowana (Blue Arowana) in stock.  The sought after Jardini Arowana is [...]

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New Flowerhorns Have Arrived - March 2017

Flowerhorn lovers! We have received another new batch of some gorgeous beauties just today.  They are acclimating as we speak and we be ready to go in a few days.  These Flowerhorns are imported directly from one of the farms we work with out in Thailand.  Updates will be posted on our Facebook & Instagram pages along with new listings [...]

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New Discus Fish in Stock - March 2017

Discus lovers, we got in some very gorgeous fish these last couple weeks!  You'll find Checkerboard Pigeon Discus, Lemon Yellow Discus, Yellow Pigeon Discus, Fuji Apple/Melon Red Discus and some Wild-Caught Discus!Order them directly at www.petzonesd.com/discus or if you're in the SoCal area come by and pick them out yourselves at either one of our [...]

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New Proven Pairs Of Discus

We have a couple proven pairs of male & female Discus!  These beauties have laid eggs and we have them separated into their own tanks.  One pair is a Lemon Yellow Discus pair and the other is a Leopard Discus and Lemon Yellow Discus pair.Can't wait to see them have another batch of eggs that [...]

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