Alternanthera Bettzickiana Red on Clay Moss Ball

Alternanthera Bettzickiana Red on Clay Moss Ball

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The Alternanthera Bettzickiana Red has been attached on top of a terra cotta ball, to be placed in a terrarium, vivarium, or paladarium. The terra cotta ball is entirely wrapped with Christmas moss to create a seamless transition between the plants.

This is a perfect piece for new beginners trying their hand at live plants for the first time. Moss is considered a low light and low requirement plant that anyone can keep. As long as the moss stays wet and has light, they will grow.

The Alternanthera Bettzickiana Red grown with high light and CO2 will become red and create a beautiful contrast against the green moss. The leaves the Alternanthera Bettzickiana Red also has a slight frill that gives the plant character.

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