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Nature Aquarium Aquascaping

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As many of you fellow aquascapers know, Nature Aquarium was brought into the hobby by Takashi Amano (founder of ADA).  

Though aquascaping has been around for many years, it still hasn't taken off and many aquarists are still unaware of how to start a planted tank nor are they aware of the beauty that can be created within an aquarium.  Nature Aquarium aquascaping is recreating a piece of nature in a tank that can be enjoyed with much pleasure right inside your own home or office space.  

Imagine a thriving ecosystem with lush and healthy aquatic plants in harmony with beautiful tropical fish swimming.  These are typically scenes you'd only see at a public aquarium, zoo or on National Geographic but you can actually recreate these ecosystems within your own space.  

When you view a natural ecosystems in the major river systems around the world (especially a diverse area like the Amazonian rainforest or the Amazon River), there are plenty of stones and driftwood.  With access to hardscape such as Seiryu stone, Dragon (Ohko) stone or Malaysian driftwood or spider wood, these natural scenes can be recreated inside a tank.  

When you attach aquatic plants such as moss or different plants such as Anubias or Ferns onto these hardscapes, not only will they thrive in the right environment but you mimic what is in nature and when it is well balanced, you have your own Nature Aquarium style fish tank right inside your personal space!

We are happy to assist all hobbyist with recreating these wonderful crafted pieces of art inside your home.  Though it isn't easy work, the effort pays off and you will find joy and pleasure in being an aquascaper.  

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