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Fun Fish Fact Friday - The Mystical Arowana Fish

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Fun Fish Fact Friday

If you have ever been to our store, then you have seen our treasured store pets. Our Albino Silver Arowanas have been here since the store has opened. A lot of people love this fish because of its elegance and the way it’s scales sparkle; it looks close to a dragon. It is said that the fish will bring good luck and prosperity to the owner. Our arowanas are legal and are from South America. Not all Arowanas are legal to keep though.

The Arowana’s popularity in the fishkeeping hobby skyrocketed in the 1980s because of its perceived rarity that people wanted as an exotic status symbol. The Asian Arowana or Red Arowana is banned from global trade because of it is an endangered species. This has actually lead to black market deals and many illegal means of getting the fish. In Emily Voigt’s award winning book titled “The Dragon Behind the Glass”, she compares a champion arowana fish to a high-profile politician in a country of conflict. Her book is about her quest to find a wild Asian arowana, and she talks about the power and obsession around this expensive aquarium fish.

Come give our dragons a visit the next time you are in town

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